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Rustin Riviere

Rustin Riviere - Designer

Transcending all boundaries throughout the globe at Exhibit Group Giltspur as Senior Graphic Designer serving Nortel Networks, American Airlines and Hertz, Rustin relinquished his permanent position to found SE in 2001. A photographer at heart, passionate about concept and graphic design, Rustin toured the likes of Tracy Locke, Rapp Collins, Alcon Laboratories as well as creating marketing plans for local start-ups that are hugely successful. He’s implemented global strategies for Alcon Laboratories, Adobe, Southwestern Bell & Frito Lay with his seemingly innate ability to deliver the unspoken international language of Graphics.
Alberto DeCabrera

Alberto DeCabrera - Software & Systems Engineer

Formerly VP of Internal Systems and Software Integration at VTS “Vacation Technology Solution” and over 20 years experience in software development in multiple industries, Alberto is the backbone of our software solutions at SE. His focused expertise in platform management, knowledge of numerous systems integration ingeniously created a seamless synchronization of web applications and their software database. As his titles have included Lead Programmer, Senior Systems Developer, Networking Specialist, and Manager of Systems Development, he is an expert with Managed Services and Systems Integration, E-commerce Solutions, and Network Securities. He graduated from Universidad de Belgrano with a B.S. in Computer Science.

Web Design for Search Engine Results

EtherSKINThere's no point in having a website that's not found. That's why SEO shouldn't be an after-thought. For SEO of an existing site...

Straight Talk directly from Google

The rules or criteria to being search engine optimized are no mystery. Here's what Google has to say along with a 32 page SEO Guide...

What about Flash?

Why eliminate viewers? iPhone and iPad users can't view Flash and Internet Explorer's new release will not support Flash, so you're site...

Smart Phone and Pad Apps

Apps are awesome, if your company has need for an app or simply a great idea for one, we'll make your vision become a reality.

Smart Phone Mobile Sites

Smart phone users are automatically re-directed to your mobile site, with an option to view your full site if they prefer. Quick local results pull customers from going elsewhere...

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter...

Social Media controlled, so it doesn't control you. If you're creating a "Buzz about what you offer" we can stylize your social media page to help. The link itself will share page rank...

What is Schema?

www.Schema.org is a collaboration between major search engines dictating a better way to index page content making it more accurately accessed in search results. Top search results will take...

Pay Per Click PPC Advertising

PPC Advertisements can have a tremendous ROI if they're managed properly. Having on-page and off-page SEO to organically rise to the top of search engines is the goal...
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