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SEO Web Design

It's not just a catch-phrase or buzzword, it means that your website is optimized by design (architecture, tags, titles, links, sitemaps, etc.) Restructuring a page after the fact may involve some time that wasn't budgeted for.

You've searched for an answer on google, read a description and clicked the link, anxiously awaiting to continue reading right where you left off and it goes to a homepage "oh man" now you've got to dig once again to find your answer. This is because that information wasn't anchored properly with an anchor tag on that page. Google will offer up the most precise answer to your question it can. So when you're site anchors directly to the answer, google chooses you for the search.

iPad Site Design

Layout for iPads is versatile since they're viewed both horizontally and vertically. The only critical factor is if your site contains Flash which isn't viewable. We can develop an alternate site without Flash on a subdomain and tag the content so search engines don't view your site negatively as duplicate content. Also this site may serve as a "View Full Site" option for mobile or smart phone users browsing a simplified site.

Mobil Smart Phone Site Design

Going 60mph with your navigating friend browsing a desktop site on a 3 inch screen is tedious. A simplified mobile site that automatically pulls up for this user is very helpful and a "View Full Site" can go to the desktop or iPad site.


Search Engine Optimization - prominent results in search engines
SEO On Page - page composite / site architecture as indexed by a search engine
SEO Off Page - backlinks = volume, velocity, page rank and relevency of sites linking to your site

SEO for best results takes tracking and adjusting with Analytics

We offer SEO on existing sites, call for an analysis of your site. Here's some straight talk directly from Google in regards to seeking SEO help along with a 32 page Google SEO Guide...

Local SEO

Google Places provides a faster method of beating out national competiton for page 1 results in the "Local Results" section. Google Places and Google Analytics is Free and definitely something to take advantage of.

See the "Google SEO Guide" link above to avoid some of the scams associated with this. We offer set up and monitoring of your analytics of your site that remains in your control whenever our services are no longer necessary.

PPC Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC is highly effective and can generate some serious ROI if the analytics are closely monitored. The ROI has more opportunity than traditional advertising media considering once you pull the plug on the ad campaign your site may have risen to the 1st page of Google. Now you're getting new impressions for free. Try that on radio, tv or any print medium.

What about Flash?

Unfortunately Flash will not be viewable on the new release of Internet Explorer in addition to iPhones and iPads. Despite our extensive scripting knowledge of Flash in dynamic solutions or even fast loading xml driven sites, it's best to design without it. If you have a Flash site or Flash elements on your site, we can design it out.

What is Schema?

www.Schema.org is a collaboration between major search engines dictating a better way to index page content making it more accurately accessed in search results. Top search results are slowly sorting out the trash that used shady tactics of getting to the top results. Visit www.schema.org to see how in depth SEO Web Design is going. Having sincere straight forward content structured properly is the only way to continue.

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter...

Social Media can be centrally controlled so it doesn't control you. Enjoy the benefits of dynamic solutions professionally integrated to improve social impact while reducing labor and SEO headaches associated with dynamic content.

Customizing your open-source solutions like WordPress or ZenCart as a shopping cart while overcoming the negative SEO impact of duplicate data and session id's is why professional implementation pays off. Integrating or syndicating your social media efforts will conserve your most valuable resource, time/labor.

Professional implementation of open-source dynamic solution is more than customizing your branding theme to match your online presence. Dynamic solution create session id's, sorting products differently producing duplicate data and other negative SEO variables that we overcome.

We never lose sight of your primary objective to convert viewers into customers and SEO of dynamic solutions makes it all possible.

CMS Content Management System

Content Management Systems or Blogging Systems are a great way to control all your site changes and generate new pages with a non web-savvy employee which will reduce your cost. Dynamically controlling content from a backend user interface has been a cost saver for years with larger sites and with the improvement of open-source solutions it's now cost effective on all levels.

Anyone can jump into WordPress and create a site quickly. Customizing it takes a higher technical level of expertise. Content Management Systems can dynamically create session id's among other SEO defeating issues. Customization of these systems and raising SEO is where we shine in WordPress or Drupal.

Shopping Carts

Shopping Carts are Content Management Systems with merchant services that have become an inexpensive open-source solution too. Customization and SEO once again is where we shine using ZenCart.

Web Design for Search Engine Results

EtherSKINThere's no point in having a website that's not found. That's why SEO shouldn't be an after-thought. For SEO of an existing site...

Straight Talk directly from Google

The rules or criteria to being search engine optimized are no mystery. Here's what Google has to say along with a 32 page SEO Guide...

What about Flash?

Why eliminate viewers? iPhone and iPad users can't view Flash and Internet Explorer's new release will not support Flash, so you're site...

Smart Phone and Pad Apps

Apps are awesome, if your company has need for an app or simply a great idea for one, we'll make your vision become a reality.

Smart Phone Mobile Sites

Smart phone users are automatically re-directed to your mobile site, with an option to view your full site if they prefer. Quick local results pull customers from going elsewhere...

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter...

Social Media controlled, so it doesn't control you. If you're creating a "Buzz about what you offer" we can stylize your social media page to help. The link itself will share page rank...

What is Schema?

www.Schema.org is a collaboration between major search engines dictating a better way to index page content making it more accurately accessed in search results. Top search results will take...

Pay Per Click PPC Advertising

PPC Advertisements can have a tremendous ROI if they're managed properly. Having on-page and off-page SEO to organically rise to the top of search engines is the goal...
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